The Ghost Caducians have developed the following reference so that the reader may not struggle so in their efforts to understand Caducia in its phases throughout time.

Be advised: the facts we provide herein are only as real as your belief in them

CAS Caducian Archaeological Society. The only historical research organization whose content is CERTIFIED. Much of their findings tend to be presented in news and entertainment media, especially since Entertainment Media became the only legal medium of delivering Public Educational Material (Private Education was banned on account that it did not conform with Incorporational Policy), where it replaced textbooks and encyclopedias at a time when it seemed like the whole Incorporated Globe was about to stop caring. That’s right, thanks to a number of REVOLUTIONARY changes enacted by this revered organization, there is no longer a single Caducian out there who can look upon history apathetically. Then again, there are very few who can actually look upon true history. And those that may succeed tend to become so obsessed that they lose touch with the Present.

Artificial Structure Also known as the WORLD OF FALSE FORMS or CADUCIA INC.

Astorisms Aphorisms given to the inhabitants of Caducia (Before the FALL. See OLD ORDER.) by the MIND. As the Mind is normally associated with the night sky (it is in these dark hours that the Mind is perceived more completely), we have the portmanteau. Most of these Astorisms became lost or corrupted after the Fall, giving way to CADUCIANISMS.

Beginning A story (found in The Fall of Caducia depicting the origins of the Caducians; the creation of the original Old City inspired by an incident (the CLUMSY LIZARD “attacks” the CARETAKER Caducian) that produced their first feelings of estrangement towards the Vacuum and its inhabitants; and the point of view of the ONE (later to be called the EXILE) when he decided to violate the DANCE OF LIFE and exacerbate the CADUCIA/VACUUM rupture. (See the FALL.)
Until the Puppeteer reads this story, he, like the rest of Caducia, believes the following three things: the Exile was (and is) pure evil; the origin of Caducia and its inhabitants is unknown because Caducia was an Eternal City (CAS CERTIFIED); and the Vacuum, as the EXILE’S DOMAIN, must be subjugated (or ignored if you are just a regular guy with an office job) if the threat of the Exile’s return is to be eliminated.

Bioenergetic Field SOURCE SELF’s broadcast into CADUCIAN body, projecting out from the heart. Extends beyond outline of Caducian body and can be influenced by the fields of other Caducians, as well as any of the Vacuum’s other entities. As it can be influenced, it can also register its influence in other fields. Between most of the Physical VACUUM’s entities, influence only occurs over prolonged repetitive exposure (relationship) or from a single impressionable exposure (can be revelatory or traumatic). Beyond this, it is possible for Artificial Entities designed for the WORLD OF FALSE FORMS to produce effects as well. Electronic mechanisms are among the most powerful, especially when they are intentionally designed to influence those with whom they have a relationship. 

Blackout A fluctuation in RESISTANCE. The final Darkness that Caducia must face before it transcends the Grand CYCLE of strife that has characterized the timespan from the FALL to the PUPPETEER’S TIME. When all light is taken from the land it will return to the sky and the Mind will again become fully illuminated casting its light into the DARKNESS and bestowing profound vision upon those who have been wandering there for so many millennia. Those that tread upon the soil will come to know all the VACUUM without fear: with love, appreciation, respect. Unable to FALL no farther, the final CYCLE in Caducia will be concluded, and those smaller ones contained within will become increasingly irrelevant.

Caducia The nature of Caducia is that all things–objects and thoughts–can be used for good or evil. (See THE DICHOTOMY and POLARITIES for more on these opposing forces.) All things that inhabit Caducia are infused with this potential. Because it is possible that the reader may know how to use language to manipulate ideas such that what is evil to one is good to another, we must acknowledge, at least to appease him or her, that these are not the best terms to use.
In spite of the possibilities offered to us by word play (perhaps we should say “word abuse”), before the FALL there was no confusion in these matters. Each Caducian was quite adept at deriving or intuiting the difference between good and evil without having to be told by another Caducian mouth outside their own body (a nearly unanimous phenomenon). It appeared to be innate knowledge, and in a sense it was, but this was only because, in these times, it was quite natural for each Caducian to be fully connected to his or her SOURCE SELF without the slightest interference (imagine a kind of radio broadcast transmission into the body).
The difference between the Caducian of then and the one of the PUPPETEER’S TIME is that, back then, the Caducian was almost entirely ignorant of the extremes of evil. Therefore, there was no educated knowledge on these Dichotomous matters. Nobody, including the ONE, really knew why this knowledge was good. They didn’t even call it “good.” It was simply the only way. This is why the FALL was necessary: to give access to the all of Caducia/VACUUM so that the Source Selves may gain UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDING, thereby producing as many MINDS as there are Source Selves.  

Caducia Inc. The setting of the PUPPETEER’S PRESENT where the BLACKOUT will initiate the final stage of the RISE/FALL, revealing the “rise” aspect to those that have been suffering the FALL for too long. See novel The Fall of Caducia for more.

Caducia United After the founding of NOVA CADUCIA, the Quadrant Wars–which had come to an unresolved cessation when the DIASPORA completely vacated the OLD CITY, leaving its ruins to be taken back up into the VACUUM–spontaneously picked up right where they had left off.                                When it was finally resolved with the introduction of the FIFTH MATERIAL, the Caducians of Nova Caducia, still very much rooted in their respective cultures produced by the Diaspora, decided that a new name must be given to their Eternal City that would “remind” them of the miracle that had brought them back together.                       

 Having been created from purely Caducian things, this union would not be the re-Minding that would interconnect them in ways more profound than this material and purely symbolic appellation. That would have to come later, after the Incorporation had done all it could and still wound up disintegrated.

Caducian A SOURCE SELF that inhabits Caducia (in corporeal form), and is in possession of a CEREBRAL APPARATUS that allows it to understand and work with (or be worked by!) the POLARITIES through life experience within the Physical VAcuum and the WORLD OF FALSE FORMS.

Caducianism An aphorism of Caducian origin as opposed the ASTORISM of MIND origin. An aphorism derived from an illusory perspective brought about by the denial that anything exists outside the WORLD OF FALSE FORMS. An aphorism produced after the FEAR REACTION.

Caretaker, the (Historical Figure) The first among the Caducians of OLD CADUCIA to manifest the CARETAKER LIFE PURPOSE. Also the first among us to have his blood drawn by another (non-Caducian) Entity of the VACUUM. This Drawing of Blood was an historical landmark that inspired the Caducians to abandon their nomadic existence for a more stationary and, presumably, safer one. That crimson dot in the soil would become the the center of the Globe’s first City.

Caretaker (LIFE PURPOSE) In Old Caducia, the Caretakers were those who kept things tidy, kept people fed with delicious food, provided comfort and rehabilitation services (hygiene, massage, etcetera), and generally just made sure both the City of Caducia and its Inhabitants were well provided for. Though such work has lost its prestige in the INCORPORATED world due to the HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURE, there are still some living in the PUPPETEER’S TIME who choose these sorts of professions and perform them with dignity and integrity. They are able to do so simply because they believe in the intrinsic value of this work and are not influenced by the illusory modifications made by the Hierarchical Structure and its Proponents.

Cerebral Apparatus This physical transmitter of thought from the SOURCE SELF (and the Mind) into Caducia. It may also be the origin of thought, and typically is in the Incorporated World where only a rare soul has active, conscious, sustained connection to the MIND. It is true, the Cerebral Apparatus has cut off (supplanted) the Mind’s (or Source Self’s) transmission, and now creates reality from the outside instead of from the inside. Since the outside world is based in difference or multiplicity, language, and so, thought, mimics multiplicity and gives each Caducian (the propagator and pawn of multiplicity) the impression that this is the final, absolute reality. In a world of Multiplicity, Unity must be artificially created and enforced by the COMPANY, which has stepped in as the New Mind.

Certified If the CAS has not Certified it, it is assumed false until proven true by organization that sets the standards of Certification. The catch is, if the CAS does not see the need to fund a yet-to-be Certified investigation, whether there is actual validity or not, the fact (sometimes not even in its uncertified state) will never be known by the Caducian Consumer. While this may seem unfortunate, what is more disconcerting is that the Certification process–quite inadvertently–places so much emphasis on the concept of fact-based knowledge that it perpetuates the mass delusion that this is one of life’s most valuable treasures. As a result, DICHOTOMOUS existence continues to masquerade as the Absolute as systems of facts clash in conflict.

Civilization (see THE WORLD OF FALSE FORMS) Not a synonym for Caducia, though most Caducians of the Incorporated World (see CADUCIA INC.) would be surprised to hear this, as they have come to call the artificially constructed Caducia, and that which is naturally occurring–‘nature’–the VACUUM.

Clumsy Lizard It was an accident! The Lizard was just a little clumsy was all. So what if he bit the Caretaker’s hand! So what if it bled! It turns out that this experience of would be exactly what the Caducians would need to understand the purpose in pain, an inevitable phenomenon during this Grand Cycle of life on the Caducian Globe. See The Fall of Caducia and the BEGINNING for more details on the results of this Accident, this innocent mistake.

Company Previously UNIQUAD. The New Mind. Caducia’s first fully and openly functioning for-profit government–a Corporatocracy. The Company is an all-in-one government/business/media producer. It transitioned from a pure business organization to the new hybrid with the unveiling of a new invention–the TV–which marked the conclusion of the Industrial Era proper in what was then CADUCIA UNITED. With the establishment of the Company, Caducia United would not only become CADUCIA INC., but it would begin the process of taking the rest of the DIASPORA “under its wing.” As had been the case with all Control Systems that came before it, its ultimate aim is to Reestablish the OLD ORDER, though it does not understand how this order functioned. While its efforts have served to improve the quality of life throughout the Caducian Globe (since the FALL, the quality of life has never been so good; history clearly proves this), it has come nowhere close to approximating the harmony of Old Caducia, as such a task attempted without connection to the MIND is impossible.

Control The systematic effort to resurrect the Old Caducia (See OLD ORDER), the Caducia that existed before the Exile forced change upon it.
It has been the modus operandi of Caducia–in all its forms throughout history–to measure its PROGRESS based on how complete it has achieved Control. Because of this, many systems of Control have come and gone throughout the millennia. All have failed because they introduced a number of discomforts into society that the people could not handle. This is why the most comprehensive of them all has also been the one that controls without appearing to do so: CADUCIA INC.

Cycle  Understand that any words that are in this Glossary that hearken back to concepts expressed in the lost language of Caducia, only approximate the full meaning of the word they used. This word, “cycle,” in modern terms, only vaguely resembles the Caducian concept. In fact, it resembles the concept as only a Post-Fall Caducian could understand it.

For the Caducians of old, the Cycle (remember, not the word they used) could be visually depicted as a corkscrew shape. As the reader should know, the term–thanks to Babylonia’s (an earlier DIASPORA civilization) decision to measure time on a circular plane–has come to refer to more of a circular motion.

Therefore, when we say that the Winter Solstice marked the transition into the beginning of a new Cycle, the reader must understand that the Caducians were fully aware that each end brought a New Beginning, thereby implying the corkscrew nature of the Cycle. Now, this does not mean that Caducia fully took advantage of this opportunity for Progression. This was exactly why the EXILE, or the ONE, did what he did: the corkscrew was starting to resemble a circle in too many ways. The Caducians had carved out a comfortable little reality that worked well for them, but they shied away from too much, and their growth had begun to slow.

All Cycles serve a purpose for a time, but it is each Caducian’s job to be aware of when this time is up.

Cyclist Any Caducian that is still tricked by the POLARITIES into falling back into new CYCLES rather than using the Polarities to progress through Cycles, eventually transcending them.

Dance of Life In the times of Old Caducia, the Caducians would return their teeth to the MIND at the end of each cycle (See the SACRED EXCHANGE). This ritual would take the form of a Dance, which would be accompanied by the SONG OF LIFE. See also Part I of the Puppeteer’s Fable for more details.

Dance Partner The first Caducian, known as the ONE, performed the DANCE OF LIFE alone. Nevertheless, he/she was complete. When this Caducian was made two, the Dance was shared. Thenceforth, each subsequent pair never Danced apart from one another–not until the FALL. It was on the night of the Fall that the First Pair was separated. Things only got worse with the DIASPORA: as it became common for Dance Partners to be born into situations that kept them from meeting. For example, they could be born into different nations where they could go an entire Lifetime never knowing the other existed, never getting the chance to miss each other, or to know that’s why they were so inexplicably sad. Worse than this, they could be born in the same Diasporic City, and know (or know of) each other very well, but be forbidden to unite on account of HIERARCHICAL disparity. Meanwhile–not even realizing in some cases that they were doing so–Caducians could spend an entire lifetime making one mistake after another tricking themselves that they had found the One, when really they had found someone that approximated that One enough to where, for a time, the “incompatibilities” could be ignored. Sometimes Life with these Alternative partners sufficed, but just as often, they were just as disappointing as you might imagine. This never meant that Partners never reunited. Often what occurs is that the Pair, upon finding each other, are so content with having just achieved this that they never engage in the DANCE. The PUPPETEER’s parents are one such couple.

Diaspora The Scattered Multitude of nations/cultures that were formed by those that realized that the QUADRANT WARS would never be won. According to CAS official record, the Diaspora was formed by the migration of physical groups of Caducians over thousands of years. While there is some truth to this, this truth is only partial. The Ghost Caducians prefer to go one step beyond the CAS and explain the aspects of both the physical and etheric Vacuum. In doing so, we have discovered that among the disincarnate SOURCE SELVES a choice was made: to not return to the wars, but to forget about what happened and start over in one of the Diaspora nations that were growing in number century by century.                                             The choice to be born in a specific Nation of the Diaspora was not arbitrary. The disincarnate Source Selves, having access once again to the MIND’s wisdom, strategically chose to re-enter Caducia based on a Plan of Resolution that was underway, that had been underway since long before the FALL.
Despite these intentions, the fighting has not subsided, only taken new Forms.

Dichotomy A versatile term that encompasses all forms of violent conflict from unconscious self-deprecation to verbal disputes to murders (Certified or not) to full-on genocide. In part it is this versatility that has made the Dichotomy seem like an indelible part of life in CADUCIA. Many philosophical treatises have been written justifying it with claims that it is a natural outcome in a world where opposites are bound to clash. What most of these philosophers–and their worthy disciples miss–is that it is not the Dichotomy that is an indelible aspect of material existence, but the POLARITIES. In other words, the interplay of opposite forces does not, by necessity have to yield strife–especially to the extent that has become so widely accepted in the PUPPETEER’S TIME.                                                                                                             To appease any doubters, the Dichotomy has been present since the FALL (see Part I of the Fable), as it, and not the EXILE’s so-called unforgivable sin, was the cause of the Quadrant Wars. Really, we can say that though it was not manifest before the Fall, the potential for it was dormant, only waiting for the right event to activate it. Please see CYCLES and CYCLISTS for a better understanding of how it could be possible for an entire Globe’s worth of Caducians to perpetuate such destructive behavior for so long, and how such behavior could carried from one Form to the next, enduring the FORGETTING without the faintest indication of dwindling.

Dissolution Meant to call upon the idea of a homogenous mixture that was believed to have been produced with the UNIQUAD’s introduction of the FIFTH MATERIAL. Began with the ceremony of tearing down the walls quartering NOVA CADUCIA.
The Ghost Caducians would spell it (Di)s-Solution since even though it celebrated an end to a Quartered Caducia, it did not put an end to the (DI)chotomy, and so was a DIS-Solution at best. Later on, when UniQuad would merge with the GOVERNING BODY (producing CADUCIA INC.) and take notice of this shortcoming, the manner in which they would go about correcting it would demonstrate how incomplete their understanding of DICHOTOMOUS relations was.

On the other hand, it may be that their understanding is not absent, but corrupted. In observing the history of the PUPPETEER’S TIME, the GHOST CADUCIANS have noticed a pattern, bring them to the following conclusion: Once one understands the Dichotomy’s basic ingredients and how to combine them, it is possible to artificially create Dichotomous situations. While this method of CONTROL has always been used in some form throughout all of the Diaspora’s systems of management (Back before the REMEMBERING, when reestablishing the OLD ORDER was entirely unconscious), before the invention of mass communication technology relatively very little could be accomplished with an exorbitant amount of effort. After the INCORPORATION, the same amount of effort is not only an effective means of achieving PROGRESS, but is the single most profitable business model in existence during the Puppeteer’s Time.

Entrepreneurs (LIFE PURPOSE) Occupations that dealt with meeting the material needs of OLD CADUCIA. Most importantly, they understood how to circulate material resources while limiting over-consumption. In this way, the Entrepreneurs were masters of taking what was needed from the Physical VACUUM without destroying any part of it. Moreover, because all CADUCIANS could speak the VIBRATIONAL LANGUAGE, regular, respectful communication was established between the Entrepreneurs and their Resource Entities to assure that everyone was in agreement. It may be interesting to the INCORPORATED Caducian that no protest was ever expressed or felt by a single resource Entity–were it cellular or crystalline in structure–because, due to this clear and open channel of communication (See VIBRATIONAL LANGUAGE), each of these beings knew that the Caducians needed their help just as much or more as they needed the help of any other entity for their own subsistence. Again, this was not by accident: the Entrepreneurs, with the help of the ILLUMINATORS, who kept them clearly connected to the MIND, were master negotiators. Through their experience and intuition they learned the limits of what the Vacuum could give, and respected it unwaveringly. 

Evolution Where REVOLUTION is circular, Evolution is spiraled. Though not completely disconnected from the events that precede it, it still marks a distinctive upgrade and not merely an illusory reconfiguration.

Exile Also known as the ONE. The first Caducian to ever exist; the one from which all others were derived. Nearly every living Caducian since the Fall has associated him/her with having caused the FALL. His/her domain is believed to be the Darkness (See NIGHTTIME) in all its forms. For this reason, a number of superstitions–including fear of the dark and SHADOW INFECTION–remained in the population until the Old City was abandoned (See DIASPORA) and swallowed up into the Vacuum. In the INCORPORATED world, fear of both dark and shadows persists, but only as a vestigial memory whose origins are known thanks to the Certified FABLE of Vitcor H.M.R. Pontificus.

Exile’s Domain See NIGHTTIME/DARK/SHADOW. Courtesy of the FEAR REACTION’s influence, it has also been conflated with the Physical VACUUM, since this is where the EXILE was banished.

Fable See FALL.

Fall The point in time in which the Caducians lost (severely diminished) their connection with the MIND due to their fear-based reaction to a spectacle too extreme for them to handle: finding the Caducian that would become the EXILE alone, on the floor of his cabin, surrounded by streaks of blood and his own teeth, which he had pulled himself in violation of the age-old ritual called DANCE OF LIFE.      

The term “the Fall,” being coined by the Caducians affected, illustrates not the full panorama of the reality that manifested after the unsightly and unpleasant scene with the Exile took place, but is charged with all the emotions the FEAR REACTION produced. The Ghost Caducians, having done the work to make themselves more objective observers, and having succeeded in discovering the so-called “Exile’s” intentions, know that it was not all so bad, and that, in the end, it will turn out to be no less rewarding than it was difficult. Therefore, we refer to it as the RISE/FALL.    

Nevertheless, the is a general consensus throughout all the Incorporated Globe, that the Exile completely ruined what we once had, and that the time between this “rock-bottom” point (epitomized in the QUADRANT WARS) and the Puppeteer’s present has been–could only be–a general progression towards a new Golden Age of Incorporation. This attitude of PROGRESS has, of course, been colored by the manner in which the CAS has formulated the Official Version by Vitcor H.M.R Pontificus.

Falling Star The second weapon in the history of Caducia. The first to be used in formal martial combat. It is launched by catapult and burns white hot. The hottest were known to liquify even glass and metal, vaporizing wood and bone.

First Falling Star Marked the official end of the TIME OF PREPARATION and the beginning of the QUADRANT WARS. Reported by the COMPANY and CERTIFIED by the CAS to have been launched by the EXILE. Ghost Caducian research indicates that it came from a member of the Metal Quadrant who called himself Balrog. Incidentally or not, an historical character named Balrog was later produced by the Company who was a charming dictator (from the Bone Quadrant) with a slapstick sense of humor whom everybody loved to hate and hated to love. All that aside, it is up to the reader to choose which source she believes: the obscure Ghost Caducians, or the Certified Company.

Fear Reaction A negative (in terms of the POLARITIES), destructive CYCLE that has remained with the Caducians since they first found the one among them that did not Dance. (See The Fall of Caducia for more details.) The shock of finding he who would come to be called the EXILE would stay with Caducia as a Cycle from that point until the BLACKOUT (and for some time beyond). By severing Caducia’s active contact with the MIND, this Reaction would be the cause of all conflict, all evil, spitefulness, idiocy, lunacy, addiction, greed, and, of course, fear for all time. From the point of its first occurrence, all of Caducia would spend nearly every ounce of its energy treating its symptoms with increasingly more refined systems of CONTROL until, so they believed, the ultimate system was developed: CADUCIA INC.

Fifth Material Known commercially as STAR DUST. Synthesized with a formula developed in the geochemical laboratory of UNIQUAD Incorporated. Supposedly made of the exact same combination of elements found in the stars, it would end the resuscitated Quadrant Wars of NOVA CADUCIA who, finally living up to its name, would change it to Caducia United after a rather raucous ceremony (The DISSOLUTION) in which the walls dividing the Quadrants were torn down. Later, once UniQuad–unstoppably rich from the Invention–merged with the Governing Body to become the Governing Company. 

Regarding the Teeth themselves, due to the growth of the Caducian mouth during its maturation, each citizen would be fitted with two sets of teeth in her lifetime. Initially this would be done by surgical implantation of fully formed members of the oral populace. Though the procedure was generally reliable, there were still incidents in which the teeth could be knocked out and would have to be replaced. While for most people this was not such a big deal, for professionals of high impact sports (martial arts, even more so) and adventurer-type occupations (fieldworkers of the CAS, of manipulators of electrical and water currents, but not excluding sexual arts servicepersons) excess wear on the gum sockets introduced more confounding and more expensive complications.

As a result, after the genome was cracked and Caducia entered the Trans-Vacuum Age where all elements of the Physical Vacuum could be successfully replicated (and so, modified and “perfected”) in-laboratory, stem cell implants took the place of the “sculptures” of the late Industrial Age. Being programmed with roots growth behavior that conformed more perfectly to each individual’s gum socket, these would prove to be far more stable. The only drawback to these was that, being organic in origin, they were not produced with the original Fifth Material that had ended the War. Thankfully, this discrepancy did not present itself to the general population, who probably would have been easily persuaded into embracing, with immeasurable pride, the truth that the Company–Nay! Caducia itself!–had managed to create something even better than the stars could offer.

Forever of Now Not to be confused with the popular and quite useful life practice of always coming back to the present moment. The ‘forever of now’ is characterized as a generally miserable state of mind, the persistence of which causes the CYCLIST to decompose in the most undesirable ways, through illnesses of the mind, body, and spirit. It is a dis-ease only cured when the unneeded CYCLE is finally abandoned. The Cyclist has the ability to abandon the cycle at any point in time, though the longer he engages in it, the more he will identify with it, and the more difficult it will be to simply step away from it. In truth, the dis-ease can get so bad that he will reach the point where the cycle has worn a spot in the physical VACUUM that will serve as his final resting place—at least for his current Form.

Forgetting The moment in the TIMELINE when Post-Exile Caducia finally became empty–the birth rate dropped to zero. Phenomenon attributed to the DIASPORA, a FEAR REACTION-tinged moment of semi-clarity that produced a desire to end the QUADRANT WARS through abandonment. Because the desire to forget the past was generally unanimous among the different original groups of WANDERERS (they wouldn’t dare call themselves Self-Exiled!), unanimous too was the decision not to pass on their dismal history in hopes that Forgetting would prevent a repeat. Each new society, instead, created their own origin stories, and so attempted to generate a new identity for the future generations. What they did not know was that every following generation were not “new CADUCIANS” but had once been with them both on that night with the Exile and throughout the Quadrant Wars. Neither the Wanderers nor the “new” Caducians, realised that they would come into their new bodies carrying all of those traumatic experiences, as well as all of the personality alterations that accompanied them.

This was when the Forgetting began to reveal itself as the true challenge it turned out to be; because from this point on, Caducians were born not only ignorant of their previous Forms, but burdened with the programs/CYCLES of these DICHOTOMOUS tendencies without understanding where they came from and that the they could be shed just as they could be acted out. In consequence, this profound ignorance lead to the universal belief that Dichotomous behaviour, in all its forms, was simply an immutable aspect of Caducian nature. Furthermore, their newly-generated ignorance of their origins as a people unified under one Mind made it that much easier for them to be tricked by the POLARITIES, further convincing them that everything was separate, and always had been.

Four Materials See TOOTH MATERIAL.

Ghost Caducians A fifth non-faction of ILLUMINATORS (See TOOTH MATERIAL)–both material and etheric in form and action–that renounced their loyalty to the Quadrants (the priorities of which in no way facilitated the proliferation of their LIFE PURPOSES, but were more strictly interested in winning the Battle at all costs) and their interest in perpetuating the DICHOTOMY between the first and second generations of Caducians that followed the the FALL. Unlike the WANDERERS, they did not go on to found a new civilization, but remained as spectres within and around the Warring City to see if they could better understand what was going on and how to remedy things. Their ability to understand time and the subtler aspects of reality (the etheric VACUUM) has allowed them to continue their legacy throughout the subsequent generations (helping to activate the REMEMBERING) as they work to prepare CADUCIA (in all its Forms throughout time) for the BLACKOUT.

Gold Faction A secret Fifth Faction. See The Fall of Caducia.

Governing Body The Organizing Unit in charge of NOVA CADUCIA and, after the War, CADUCIA UNITED. Though some say they were displaced by UNIQUAD at the inauguration of the Incorporation, the reality was that they were assimilated, for “the Corpus is all, and all is the Corpus.”

Great Adversary All adversarial relationships are ever changing. Your adversary is not always everyone else’s. One day your adversary may become your friend. Furthermore, all adversarial potential originates from within the Caducian. The Caducian has the capacity to master the POLARITIES and eliminate all adversarial potential within her. When this is achieved, nobody outside of her body can play this part any longer. In this way, she has uprooted the illusion of the Great Adversary.

Great Star The star nearest Caducia, named for its larger appearance when compared to the other stars of the MIND. “Great” is derived from the colour in the VIBRATIONAL LANGUAGE closest to the yellow of the sunflower and was understood to imply a unique reverence for the Great Star’s influence on the Life CYCLE.

Hierarchical Structure A graduated form of classification that assigned value to the VACUUM’s myriad Entities. It exists only because of the ability of the post-FALL (See VIBRATIONAL LANGUAGE) languages to create realities though incongruous recombination of Vibrations. For this reason, the Hierarchical Structure cannot exist without being artificially imposed by the WORLD OF FALSE FORMS. Within the Artificial Structure of the City, it is found inrelations of subservience that impose LIFE PURPOSE limitations on the CADUCIAN. To compensate for the feeling of lost power through subservience, the Caducian turns his attention to the creatures of the Physical Vacuum, whom he tries to dominate in a way that is both agreeable and empowering to him. 

Illuminators (LIFE PURPOSE) Before the Rise/Fall those with this Life Purpose performed the general task of helping the rest of the population maintain their connection with the MIND by teaching to the rest of the OLD CITY all relevant information for such a task. It is common for post-DIASPORA Caducians to associate this sort of occupational description with the modern day Employees of Religious Institutions. This is a terribly inaccurate analogy, for even though there may be some among the these organisations who possess a diluted version of the Illuminator’s original abilities, there are many employed in other occupations that most of the INCORPORATED World would never associate with this Life Purpose. Although in the PUPPETEER’S TIME they can be found in almost any imaginable career, in pre-Fall times they were typically only artists, gurus, monks, and priests. Unlike those post-Fall versions of these same careers, these did more than provide, for example, closed systems of mind control as the priests do, or mere entertainment, as do so many of your artists who have made it into the public eye. Each and every one of them was a true Illuminator who lived and breathed the art of the Sacred Transmission.

Incorporation (Caducia Incorporated) The COMPANY’s motto is, “The Corpus is all, and all is the Corpus.” Elsewhere, they have been known to say that the Incorporation is already finished, and that all they are doing is helping all of Caducia’s pieces realize their place in the Corpus. When this is accomplished, the Globe will be united as one Property, and the OLD ORDER will be reestablished.

Interferences Whenever a Caducian is tricked by the POLARITIES and reacts to this without understanding the reaction, she runs the risk of increasing the intensity and volume of STATIC muddling the broadcast of the SOURCE SELF. An example: when someone makes her mad and she lashes out in response, she has been tricked by the Polarities. When something makes her happy and she keeps seeking that happiness for happiness’ sake, she has been tricked by the Polarities. She will find that her CEREBRAL APPARATUS is producing thoughts of happiness in connection with these delightful things of the WORLD OF FALSE FORMS. If these thoughts of happiness draw her from her LIFE PURPOSE (broadcasted to her Heart Center from the SOURCE SELF and interpreted by her CEREBRAL APPARATUS), they become an Interference.

Life Purposes The Path an individual SOURCE SELF chooses (at least in part) to follow during his/her time in Caducia.
These are the Four Major Paths. Refer to their entries for more details.

To clarify, the Four Purposes that define the general nature of one’s life’s activities did not have to be as specific or so limited in their form as we understand them. Before the SOURCE SELF comes into CADUCIA, he/she is not necessarily destined to belong to any one specific “occupation” or to pledge to any one specific career. It’s just, when explaining the meaning of Purposes, it’s best to speak of them in how they manifest in the material Vacuum that has hosted all forms of Caducia and the DIASPORA throughout time. This means that, in “manifested” terms, though we may speak of a doctor, or the head organizer of a business (a boss), for example, we don’t mean to limit the choices a Caducian with Organizational potential has in this world. We don’t have to: the world itself produces the limits by offering the Caducian the current useful profession(s) available that would allow the Organizational potential to manifest satisfactorily. For example, in INCORPORATED times, a new manifestation for Organizational potential has been created to suit new needs: the software programmer. Though in Old Caducia such an option was not available, the potential would still be properly expressed through this kind of work, providing the right Caducian–one drawn to this particular material expression of the potential–a very fulfilling experience for a greater or lesser period of time.

Since the FALL, circumstances have played a big part in deciding what a Caducian will end up doing. Even though this has produced a fair amount of turmoil within the society in all its forms up until the PUPPETEER’S PRESENT (most likely pre-Blackout) the opportunity to dabble in non-compatible professions has expanded the Caducian’s potential, allowing new combinations that would have been unheard of in the past. Now, a computer programmer may have the past experience of both an Organizer and an Illuminator, and so, for instance, could create software that is, well, illuminating.
Thanks to the HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURE put into effect after the RISE/FALL, the importance of the Life Purpose has been superseded by the artificially produced desire to obtain a lucrative career. The more lucrative one’s career, the more advantageous one’s Hierarchical Position (this is a simplified explanation). The importance of this Artificial Life Path (Caducian created as opposed to Mind created) has become so tantamount that it has manufactured a second illusion: that accumulation of desired material things produced in the WORLD OF FALSE FORMS is the primary source of Life Fulfilment. My continuing to participate in this mass illusion, the Caducian will continue to deviate from his or her Path.

Lizard Massacre The Lizards were the so-called dominant species (in terms of the perspective programmed by the language of the HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURE) on the globe before the Arrival of the first Caducian (The ONE.) Initially an ally of the Caducians in their Nomadic Days –the first of the VACUUM’s species to hold this honor–they later became the first species to be systematically rendered extinct by Caducian fear after they began waging war on the on the already war-wracked City when too many members of their ex-Allies began hunting them for resources. This was the only moment during the Quadrant Wars when the whole city was able to set aside its differences–to eradicate a common enemy. Thanks to the Caducians’ penchant for weapon construction and their previous experience in tactical battle, they already had the upper hand when the Lizards, who had mustered half a globe’s worth of their species to the borders of the city, charged the walls. What helped the Caducian victory most was not their sharpened weapons, but their ignited ones: FALLING STARS, Shooting Stars, and Supernova. This allowed them to expend minimal energy while the Lizards ran themselves weary with trying to dismember the City the old fashioned way. Because the Caducians had empathetically disconnected themselves from all the VACUUM’s Entities, they never understood that the Lizards’ attack was an offensive retaliation. Rather, they convinced themselves, as was usually the case when dealing with any Adversarial situation, that the Exile had mustered the Reptilian Army, possessing it with the demonic spirit of his insatiable vengeance. The completion of the Extermination would come a little later, during the early days of the DIASPORA after the Globe’s new cities, consisting of not a single one of the original WANDERERS, began to suffer inexplicable attacks from what remained of the Lizard population that did not perish during, or that did not reach, the Massacre at the OLD CITY. (See the BEGINNING)

Mind The eternal dwelling place of every Caducian’s SOURCE SELF. All material forms, all of their composite pieces and parts, exist because of it. The CADUCIANS of the OLD CITY, though they looked to the starry sky when speaking of it, knew that the Mind could not really be seen or located in this way. By being everywhere and everything, the Mind cannot be viewed. The only way this would be possible would be to surround it with other things that were not it: an impossibility.

Neo-Caducian Firmly believes that the Governor is the only indispensable part of the TV. It is this stance, which runs contrary to that of the TRADITIONALISTS, that has contributed to a statistically significant decline in the enthusiasm and application of TV repair, making in the process a task that could have once been pursued, amateur style, by anyone with the interest, now forbidden to the unlicensed. Apart from the inferrable implications here, symbolically what this means is that where, before the Disposable Revolution, the “TV as object” was almost worshipped, and gained a deep respect with age, now it is the “TV as concept” that gets the attention of their respect. With this attitude, they are only slightly more liberated from this fetish-dependency than their Traditionalist opponents. As with all incidents of competition, the true power the TV holds over these two sides is derived from the competitive spirit (see DICHOTOMY) they cultivate.

Nighttime/Dark/Shadow Also known as the EXILE’S DOMAIN. The origin of fear of the dark. After the Exile was sent into the Vacuum, the Caducians–in all Quadrants–started acting very paranoid and superstitious. (This was, in fact, the origin of all such forms of “wrong” thinking in Caducia.) Because nobody actually saw the Exile perish in the (Physical) VACUUM, many Caducians, already very much caught up in the CYCLE known as the FEAR REACTION, began to suspect that He might still be around. As arbitrary as it may sound, nighttime seemed, to most people, the most likely time the Exile would strike. People began to do things like sleep with crystals under their pillows because they believed the crystals stored light that would keep them safe during their vulnerable slumber. Nobody would leave their house at night–unless it was during a well-lit battle–and each Quadrant set up a night watch not so much to protect themselves from the other Quadrants, but from Him. Furthermore, all shadows and dark places became very unlucky and could lead to SHADOW INFECTION. Druida of the Ghost Caducians has postulated that had the first FALLING STAR not been launched, (See the Fable) Caducia might have torn down the walls that divided it and reunited (albeit in corrupted form) in the name of rampant paranoia of this ever-elusive Enemy.

Nova Caducia A Caducia founded after the REMEMBERING produced the SEARCH. According to the CAS, it was built directly on top of the OLD CITY after what remained of the ruins could be excavated. These ruins, which can still be seen in the PUPPETEER’S TIME, only amount to a few portions of the original walls and a few moonstone cobbled streets.

Though the CAS has CERTIFIED this as the original site of the Old City, information gathered from the TIMELINE suggests that this is highly debatable…

Old Caducia (Old City) Caducia before the Fall. (See CADUCIA and OLD ORDER.)

Old Order The system of societal organization that existed before the FALL.

Under the Old Order there were no leaders, and there was no hierarchy. There was no need: the Old Caducia’s connection with the MIND gave every Caducian the capacity to see her LIFE PURPOSE. By living in this way, each individual was supplied with the wisdom to deal with any problems that might arise. For this reason, all opportunities of conflict did not come from individual Caducians, but from various unforeseen factors that leaked into Caducia from the (Physical) VACUUM. Thus, conflict, on the rare occasion it occurred between Caducians, involved dealing with novel forms from the Vacuum–a vermin infestation, for example–wherein there were some mild disagreements on how to handle the problem. From afar, it may have seemed like the Caducians were masters of their world, but the truth is, there was still so much more to be understood.

It has been asked why, on the night of the FALL, the Caducians were not able to handle themselves so effortlessly. The answer, if given by one of them, would be that the Mind had abandoned them. This is not exactly so. The difference between this night and an average day-to-day run-in with an unexpected surprise from the Vacuum can be found in how they thought of the DANCE OF LIFE, what this ritual meant to them. Of all the rituals in their lives (Everything was ritual in this time; everything had purpose and meaning. See SKY POOL for an example.), this was the only one that had remained with them since the ONE first came to Caducia, and it appeared that it would always be there. Furthermore, it was believed to be the most powerful of all their rituals. Occurring at the beginning of each CYCLE, it was a resounding toll whose resonance was continually charged with the smaller rituals that took place each day during the Cycle.

Now that the reader understands this, is it really so baffling that the Caducians effectively “lost their MIND” in the moment they realized everything had been compromised? As this FEAR REACTION is believed to be the most likely of all possible reactions, the Ghost Caducians have concluded that the Post-Fall Caducia, in all its forms (See DIASPORA, QUADRANT WARS, NOVA CADUCIA, CADUCIA UNITED and INCORPORATION.), was an indispensable experience for the development of each Caducian’s SOURCE SELF.

One The first Caducian to come to the globe. Both androgynous and gargantuan, this seemingly mythical enigma lived the DANCE OF LIFE with every bone and breath–mostly because it had so many teeth that it had time to do little else if it was to finish its full set before the end of each CYCLE. After a long time, it would be from this One that all other Caducians would manifest through a process resembling mitotic division. The first split created the two sexes, and each subsequent division created a pairs of these Sacred Halves. Each time the division took place, the Caducians would reduce in size while the number of teeth in their mouths reduced by half.  

This term may also refer to the EXILE, an ILLUMINATOR who, some Cycles after the founding of the OLD CITY, derived that this increasingly artificial life intended to be lived in separation from the VACUUM was an incomplete one. Being the first among them to have a thought that was incongruous with current popular THOUGHT CONFIGURATIONS, he decided it was best let them realise this themselves–Illuminator or not, because this was before the times of the HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURE, he could not imagine commanding the change he envisioned. He could, on the other hand, produce a disruption so powerful that alternative Thought Configurations would have to be adopted. (See the story “The Beginning” in The Fall of Caducia.)

Organizers (LIFE PURPOSE) In a pre-Fall Caducia, the Organizers, whose home base Quadrant would come to be occupied by the Bones (FOUR MATERIALS), were experts at understanding Systems both Social and Physical. Therefore they are corporeal and social Custodians of sorts, whose purpose was not to manipulate systems but to understand them and facilitate their natural functioning. They were optimisers who, like the other Three, derived their knowledge directly from the MIND through the guidance of the ILLUMINATORS.

After the Fall, the Bone Caducians would demonstrate what happens when old tendencies continue to express themselves after communication with the MIND has been replaced with the STATIC of FEAR-based behaviour. (See The Fall of Caducia for more details.)

Polarities Good and evil, thought and action, male and female, sun and moon, right and left, light and dark, hot and cold, fast and slow, skinny and fat, loud and quiet, constipation and diarrhea. All apparent opposition is enduring.

Progress Any indication that Caducia has inched a little closer to absolute INCORPORATION. 

Puppeteer A master of manifestation. Hero and villain in one. With the FALL begins his ascent and, with it, the ascent of all the Caducian Globe.

Puppeteer’s Time Version of the present (see TIMELINE) that is the epitome of deviant realities. An artificial world that originates in fabricated ideas but is, nonetheless, completely valid for those that believe it. Unfortunately for the Believer, by engaging in this blind participation, she, much like the Puppeteer, is also made artificial: the epitome of deviant Selves.

Quadrant Wars

Original Quadrant Wars: The first (and only) war in the history of Caducia. All wars since the FALL have been but various reconfigurations of this one. The difference was that, after the DIASPORA lead to the FORGETTING, nobody knew the original reason why they fought, they just had a feeling that they needed to justify, so they invented reasons such as need to gain and protect (material) resources, which eventually resulted in obtaining resources for the sake of power/CONTROL, the perpetuation of which would appear to necessitate the eventual Corporatocracy known as CADUCIA INC.

No matter how grounded these facts, most Caducians–even of the PUPPETEER’S TIME–will still insist that there have only been two distinct Quadrant Wars–the Original and the Nova–simply because the CAS as officially defined Quadrant War as being fought to solve the problem of the Teeth. (See the Fable.)

They originated in Old Caducia (now lost to the VACUUM) after the ONE (commonly known as the EXILE) pulled out his own teeth, (allegedly) producing a chain reaction of fear and suspicion known as the first FEAR REACTION. Their connection to the MIND now lost due to the disruption of their age old Ritual called the DANCE OF LIFE, the Caducians became blinded by discombobulation, and for the first time ever, were unable to agree on something which they had never had to think about: which of Caducia’s materials–glass, bone, metal, or wood–would be used in place of the Mind’s teeth? After some initial squabbling that caused the first murders in the history of Caducia, the Old City was quartered by a cross section of walls and the Quadrant Wars began.

Nova Quadrant Wars: After the REMEMBERING produced the (alleged) rediscovery of the Old City (See the SEARCH), the ghosts of the Old City with all their bellicose tendencies rematerialized in the new inhabitants that migrated in from various points in the DIASPORA. In their struggle to become a unified nation, the unanswered question–that of the TOOTH MATERIAL–became a problem for the first time since the Diaspora gave way to the FORGETTING.

Remembering The moment when, for reasons yet to be understood, a number of influential and powerful members of the Occidental Zone of the Diaspora recalled, through a collective dream vision, that there was once a city by the name of Caducia, but that it had been destroyed or lost for some reason. The memory intrigued them so much that they pooled their riches together to go find it (while giving the outward impression that they were in competition with one another). It was not until OLD CADUCIA was resurrected (the founding of NOVA CADUCIA) that the rest was remembered: “Ah! This is why we are the only living species on the Globe that must make its own teeth!” When it all came flooding back, the long repressed QUADRANT WARS, quite naturally, picked back up right where they had left off. When a solution was finally reached–with UNIQUAD’s synthesis of STARDUST–the war seemed to be over since nobody was using weapons to kill each other in a proper battle scenario. As clearly all evidence indicates that there are few living Caducians that have mastered the POLARITIES and transcended the DICHOTOMY, we can confidently say that the Remembering is not now a thing of the past. It is an ongoing process whose unfolding is just as vital in the PUPPETEER’S TIME as it has always been.

Resistance When change demands cooperation, there is no compromise. Resistance for the sake of gaining of maintianing power (symptom of the FEAR REACTION) leads to an Era of Control in which the Mind is terrestrialized and corrupted. In these times the night sky is nearly devoid of its light.

Fluctuation of Resistance: See BLACKOUT.

Revolution A false upheaval or paradigm shift that is nothing more than a reconfigured reboot of the System that the Revolution shunned. Circles. Circles. Circles. (See EVOLUTION)

Rise/Fall Ghost Caducian term to describe the FALL. The intention is to describe more about the Fall than the Caducians suffering from the FEAR REACTION have been able to see.

In short, it means to say that something is to be gained from enduring the Dark Times leading up to the BLACKOUT.

Sacred Exchange The event that would occur at the eve of each Winter Solstice wherein all the Caducians would give back their teeth to the Mind (via the DANCE OF LIFE) and receive new teeth from the first snowfall, which would always begin in early morning of the Winter Solstice.

Search Euro-Caducia’s centuries of globe-scouring in search of OLD CADUCIA after the REMEMBERING gave many of its living members a significant dream glimpse into that Ancient Place.

Service to Self Exclusive and Inclusive version.

Inclusive serves Self so that Self will be in prime condition to serve others. Though it is not UNrepresented on the Caducian Globe, it is UNDERrepresented, notwithstanding the fact that it is clearly the more socially beneficial of the two.

Exclusive Version emerges from the legacy of FEAR REACTION that has resulted in various CONTROL systems being implemented. Exclusive Service to Self is the basis of all Control Systems and is believed to emerge from overuse of the sympathetic nervous system to the detriment of the parasympathetic system(imagine a muscle atrophying from neglect). The neglect is unconscious, of course, as are most actions among the general population at this point–including the ones that seem intentional. It is worth saying that what one person may perceive as intentional action is nothing more than a different manifestation of the automatic unconscious conditioning of the Service to Self Program/CYCLE. In fact, the pointing of the finger is itself another manifestation of this same Program, which, at bottom, aims to protect the individual (pointer) at all or nearly all costs. This is the difficulty in recognizing it, for an act of apparent benevolence can always have ulterior motives, motives of which the actor may be entirely unaware. And even if he were aware, to only blame him is to objectify him into a static stereotype of a figurine representing the GREAT ADVERSARY. Such is the nature of the Exclusive Service to Self system: to create Adversaries as the survival mechanism sees fit, then to proceed to eliminate that Adversary by justifying the act of elimination by seeing Him through a limited, dehumanizing scope.

Now it can be seen why the Inclusive is the more preferable of the two.

Shadow Infection The superstitious belief that by standing too long in any kind of shadow–especially without a crystal–can increase the likelihood of being possessed by the Exile. This has been the explanation for most criminal activity since the REMEMBERING.

Sky Pool Located at the center the common space in each Caducian’s house, under the oculus, the Sky Pool was a raised circular basin usually cut from white marble. Its function was to capture the energy of the stars, transmitting and transfusing it into the home and its inhabitants. In it fish and lotus flowers were kept. Symbolically, the fish, by eating mosquito larvae, represented the Caducian’s duty to keep her body and mind clean so that they would not contaminate Caducia. The lotus flower represented the receptacle located at the crown of each Caducian’s head that would funnel in the Mind’s wisdom, thereby supplying the Caducian with all she needed to keep her inner and outer world working in harmony. As each house was a representation of the greater Caducian civilization, one can see, in examining the sky pool’s functions, the centrality of the effects it sought: all of Caducia began from the center and expanded out, broadcasting into manifestation. If the sky pool’s waters were murky, how could it effectively bring the Mind’s light into expression?

Song of Life The song sung to the Mind in adulation and to give thanks for another successfully completed CYCLE. Half of it (ascending count) was sung during the DANCE OF LIFE on the eve of the Winter Solstice. The other half (descending count) was sung the following day, during the first snowfall of the New Cycle.

The lyrics (translated) are as follows:                                     

One, one two, one two, three four                                                                                                                             

five seeds shine out from the Gold Apple’s core                                                                                                   

 Four, four three, four three, two one                                                                                                                          

We sing to the light of a billion suns!                                                                                                                   

One, one two, one two, three four                                                                                                                            

Our teeth to the night, rise up and restore                                                                                                                

Four, four three, four three, two one                                                                                                                  

Nothing is finished, although it is done!

Four, four three, four three, two one                                                                                                                         

The stars in our mouth are second to none                                                                                                             

One, one two, one two, three four                                                                                                                               

All that you’ve given, we can’t ask for more!                                                                                                            

Four, four three, four three, two one                                                                                                                          

The Cycles to come will spin what has spun                                                                                                           

One, one two, one two, three four                                                                                                                              

We spin to tomorrow like never before!

In the VIBRATIONAL LANGUAGE of OLD CADUCIA, we would see a sunset pink that represented the shape of a spiral which, of course, produces a different meaning than “spin.”                                                               Regarding the “Gold Apple,” all that can be said is that it was never a thing a pre-Fall Caducian ever held in his hand, or saw with his two eyes. And it is not something so mundane as a Golden Caduceus (a yellow version of the Red Caduceus made, unbeknownst to the palate-preoccupied public, in honour of the Secret GOLD FACTION.) as proposed by some CAS Scholars. Apart from a conjecture that it might have something to do with the Great Star, the Ghost Caducians have had some trouble discovering the true meaning behind it.                                                                                                                                                     For more general information regarding this Ritual, see FABLE in this glossary and the Puppeteer’s Fable in The Fall of Caducia for more details.

Source Self An articulation of the MIND. See it as one of the Mind’s Stars, except that in each star one may see the reflection of every other Star, and therefore the entire Mind. It is the origin point of the Caduican’s personality. The Source Self is more than the Caducian in her physical form. When the Caducian has established regular connection with the MIND, this Greater Self may express itself, via the VACUUM, into the material world of Caducia.

Static of Manias A perfectly normal condition (arising after the FALL) wherein the Caducian has difficulty connecting to the MIND and SOURCE SELF because the THOUGHT CONFIGURATIONS thinking themselves in his head are interfering with the reception of the Mind’s (SOURCE SELF) broadcast. With much diligence in meditation, concentration, and physical exercise that is designed to release emotional patterns stored in the physical body, the Caducian may gradually diminish this interference until everything comes in crisp and clear.

Remember, this will take patience, as there has been thousands of years between the FALL and the PUPPETEEER’s TIME for the Caducian to accumulate many INTERFERENCES. Furthermore, it is always possible to accumulate more, so the Caducian must learn how to prevent this as well.

Thought Configurations Novel perspectives constructed via Post-VIBRATIONAL LANGUAGE(s). These perspectives would become the UNCONSCIOUS VOICES that would disrupt the CEREBRAL APPARATUS and INTERFERE with clear communication from SOURCE SELF.

Three Day Fist Fight The first outbreak of the DICHOTOMY in Caducian history and a primer to the QUADRANT WARS. Some believe that it was ended with the first of the TWELVE MURDERS, but all the the Bottle-Bearer actually did was change the nature of the Dichotomy, initiating its odyssey of mutations that has characterized this instructive yet dismal Great CYCLE.

Timeline Time is only perceived as a line in Caducia, and even more so in Caducian Inc. To better understand time, study the MIND as it is manifested at night. Infinite presents.

Time of Preparation Time between the moment of EXILE and the launching of the first FALLING STAR, where each of the Four Quadrants began to settle into a life lived in the name of the FEAR REACTION. The nature of action can be summed up in the following phrase: prepare for the worst. This was done by developing organized defense and penal systems, by exploiting the VACUUM, and by cultivating paranoia through the observation of an elaborate system of superstitions about the EXILE (See EXILE’S DOMAIN.)

Tooth Material (Four Materials) Metal, Bone, Glass, and Wood. The Factions of the Old City, the Original Four Armies in the QUADRANT WARS, would kill and die for their material of choice, and would wear it in their mouths with far more pride (a pride of a much darker shade, in spite of their new fear of the night) than they had known while wearing the MIND’s teeth before the FALL. This pride would be the origin point of the DICHOTOMOUS Grand Cycle that followed, a CYCLE that would not be Dissolved (See DISSOLUTION) even with the introduction of the FIFTH MATERIAL.

Total War Also known as Endless War. Total War in every second of every day. There are so few Caducians that are not soldiers. Figuratively speaking, most do not believe that such a feat is possible: to be in the thick of battle and abstain from attacking or from being attacked. Those who do not participate virtually do not exist. To make matters more complicated, the not every soldier realizes that she is engaged in battle. She does not notice how many others have perished under her weapon, or that she even carries a weapon. If you were to ask the Caducian what implement she uses to ensure her own survival at the expense of others, she would look at you with no less bewilderment than if you had asked why the Mind abandoned us so long ago. Finally, in Total War, any appearance of an army is merely an illusion: there are at least as many armies as there are Caducians, but usually more, as each physical Caducian body can contain more than one soldier that do not always pledge to the same General.

It is for all of these reasons that the Ghost Caducians believe the INCORPORATION to be useless in interconnecting Caducia totally. If the will to fight is unknown to the soldier, she will deny its existence. If all of the Incorporated world is made of these same soldiers, it must mean that Incorporation depends on not on Total War per se, but that it remain undetected.

Traditionalist A fully (proudly, more like it) INCORPORATED Caducian that lives by the following code: “A TV is more than its Governor. (For Governor info, see chapter entitled “The Governor.”) Sadly, the Traditionalist does not also believe that the CADUCIAN (See also SOURCE SELF.) is more than its Governor. Despite its differences with the NEO-CADUCIAN, the two have one thing in common, but without being aware of it: that the Caducian is not more than its TV.

Twelve Murders The first twelve murders in Caducian history came in rapid succession. One after another the bodies were opened to the light of the GREAT STAR with the sharp edge of a broken bottle. The Bottle had been introduced by a future Glass Caducian (See TOOTH MATERIAL) who believed that the THREE DAY FIST FIGHT would never end if someone did not take action to bring that end about. Thus it was this Bottle-Bearer that committed Caducia’s first murder and inaugurated a spree of violence that went on to assume every imaginable form (both physical and psychological; see QUADRANT WARS), continuing to prosper at full force until the PUPPETEER’S TIME and for some time beyond.

Unconscious, Voice of Two voices: Interfering Voice from the CYCLES programmed into CEREBRAL APPARATUS and the Voice of SOURCE SELF.
Through Meditative Reprogramming of Cerebral Apparatus one can identify and weed out the Voice of programmed Cycles so that the Voice of Source Self will come through crystal clear. Meanwhile, outside of but concurrent with the Meditative Reprogramming, conscious studies of the POLARITIES must be pursued to prevent old Cycles from being conjured back as STATIC.

Uniquad The original name of the Company. The inventors of the FIFTH MATERIAL and decoders of the genome. In the Puppeteer’s time, they are the Proprietors of the Tetragon Center and the Tacticians of the INCORPORATION.

Universal Understanding Will be achieved when the POLARITIES are mastered and the DICHOTOMY transcended through experience within the Physical/Etheric plane of CADUCIA/VACUUM complex. Conscious, focused, and intentional interaction with this Plane, an interaction colored with self-awareness and an ever-reducing tendency of fear-based SERVICE TO SELF survival, leads to consciousness evolution and, ultimately, Universal Understanding.


Physical Vacuum: To the CADUCIAN of Incorporated times, the Vacuum is simply all that exists outside of the artificial place known as CIVILIZATION. Though we must accept this definition due to its widespread use, the actual Physical (aspect of the) Vacuum is CADUCIA. In other words, Caducia is both natural and artificial material reality.

Etheric Vacuum: The Caducian belonging to the times before the FALL knew that there was more than just the Physical. She knew that the Etheric Vacuum is an intermediary between the material world of Caducia and the origin of this world, the MIND. Imagine the Mind as the axle of a wheel and Caducia the outer rim that rolls along the ground. Between Hub and Rim are the Spokes: this is the Etheric Vacuum.

It is through the Vacuum that all life takes material form and through which all life must return when it is finished. This is why it is, in modern times, confused with, or reduced to, ‘nature,’ as the natural world does indeed serve this same purpose for all artificial forms produced for the WORLD OF FALSE FORMS. As denial of the Mind as the Origin Point of all things is commonplace during Incorporated times, it is understandable that, in needing to explain reality to its fullest–an inherent character trait of all Caducians–that a substitute has been sought.

The Etheric Vacuum is also the place the Caducian must traverse with her individual mind (in Meditation) in order to access the endless font of the SOURCE SELF’s knowledge. It is in this way that the Caducian is able to give form to thought in his or her effort to understand the POLARITIES. Once knowledge from the Source Self is retrieved in this way and is assimilated through some form of expression into Caducia, it need not be sought again.

Vibrational Language Language of tones with corresponding colors. Vanished after the RISE/FALL when Spoken Language was adopted. Could be used to communicate with all the Physical VACUUM’s entities and so, by using it, the CADUCIANS of Old were able to maintain a modest degree of communion with that extra-Urban vastness. After the RISE/FALL, this communion turned mostly violent (Exclusive SERVICE TO SELF) in nature.

Wanderers Caducians who left the Original QUADRANT WARS in search of a better solution. While there were many groups of Wanderers throughout the duration of the Wars, the first of them, having disassociated themselves from the THREE DAY FIST FIGHT, and only having been witnesses to the first TWELVE MURDERS in Caducian history, they did not carry with them into their next lives the trauma of Soldiers (everyone who remained in Caducia during the Quadrant Wars participated activities designed to win the War). For a long time this worked both for and against them–they were not instigators of Dichotomous tendencies in the early post-Diasporic lives, but soon, after a generation or so, became victims of the new generations’ tendencies. This ended up forcing them to guard themselves in some way, since they had never dealt with encounters so unpleasant as these, they were not sure how to handle them effectively. All they could do was imitate the defensive strategies of their offspring and be swept up in the torrents of the Dichotomy. While this did sweep them up into the the FEAR REACTION CYCLE, most of them, in their subsequent Forms, remained on the fringes of its influence. For this reason, up until this day, they have remained the gentlest souls on the Globe. (See DIASPORA and DICHOTOMY) (See DIASPORA and DICHOTOMY)

World of False Forms Caducian-made habitat planted in the engineered soil of reality invention via post-VIBRATIONAL languages. (See INCORPORATION and ARTIFICIAL STRUCTURE.)